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Best House Shifting Services in Dhaka Bangaldesh

House shift

Best House Shifting Services in Dhaka Bangaldesh

BEST House shifting or relocation is one of the most irritating and unwanted situations as it comes with a lot of struggles and engagement of time. When handled shingle handed, this can turn out to be really hectic Thus Dhaka Movers and Packers have come forward with some exciting deals to ease the whole process. house shifting Well, the process does not only refer to shifting rather it includes packing and most importantly safe packing. Every single component and belongings of our house are dear to us. Thus damaging through the house shifting process becomes the greatest concern. Along with this problem, other issues are there as in engagement of time, shifting vehicles, packing and unloading. This is why you may need someone to help you and assist the whole process in a particular order.house shifting

We believe to help our customers by lessening their engagement. We rather get a view and instructions from our customer and then plan the whole process accordingly. Our pre-planned measurements and well-crafted manual power can cause every shifting safe and smooth. house shiftinWe care for your emotions regarding your belongings thus we ensure the safest shifting. With us, you may have to invest money (minimum amount) but your time and effort will be lessened and most importantly we are here to reduce your tension during house shifting.

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Our Process

As the content has claimed earlier, we are well organized and craft our work with a full proof plan along with solid backups. Thus nothing can actually interrupt the house shifting. But to take the shifting to another level, we depend on a certain process. Our way of working is predesigned under the supervision of experts. Thus there is no room for confusion or any sort of mess. Let's go through the working process:

  1. Formal Meeting
  2. Elaborate our policies
  3. Sight Seeing
  4. Cost Determination
  5. Packing
  6. Loading
  7. Transportation
  8. Unloading

Formal Meeting

The first thing we do when you come across is to fix a formal meeting with our supervisor. In this meeting we prefer discussing or offers that may suit you.house shifting We also get important notes regarding your personal preference through the process. This meeting is basically arranged so that we can crack most of our customer demands. So, all your demands and customizations will be taken under consideration through the meeting. Again we do the scheduling through the meeting.

Elaborate our policies

This process comes with some legal terms. In this sitting we basically let our customers know the policies, terms, and conditions of our company. house shifting One of our executives will assist you during the legal elaboration. Once the customer agrees to our terms and conditions, we have some formal papers to sign. And that's it. We are legally collaborated after then. The customers will be offered for any queries


So next up is to visit the sight. Our correspondent team will visit both the relocation sights. According to the size and location of your houses, we will plan the next steps.house shifting The transportation, packing time, loading process and so on. We scrutinize the furniture to be shifted and according to the size and quantity of them, we choose packets, vehicles and special equipment if needed.

Cost determination

This process is a mere formality as our core focus is customer satisfaction. Once we visit the house and determine the distance of house shifting, we make a cost plan. The plan includes transportation fares, Packing costs, special tool costs, and our expenditure. This is it. The cost is extremely moderate and budget friendly.


This is the section where we excel with our all abilities. Our packing system is well organized and we select the best of our manpower to perform this task.  house shifting At first, we divide the belongings according to their type and selects the packing boxes accordingly. As in for the decor things we have cartoons that prevent them from breaking and we have different packing boxes for the crockeries as well. From durable cartoons to stretch wrap for delicate things. Again we offer crates to pack and pick all the electronic instruments. Thus your expensive electronic devices can be shifted without the least risk of being damaged.house shifting


Now the next step is loading where we put all the packets into the carrying vehicles. We label all the packets so that we don't get confused. We follow the labeling and load the boxes. Our experts have the best idea of loading that does not damage any of your furniture. We even have shuttle house shifting services. If you are residing in such are that obstructs direct loading, we may offer you shuttle that will help to make loading safe.house shifting in dhaka


We have our own skilled drivers, they ensure a safe journey with belongings. One of our supervisors makes the journey along with the driver for better directions and overall management. You don't have to put any effort to find vehicles for the house shifting. We are there to do all by urself. Unloading Well, this section offers you something extra. Once we rich the destination, we start unloading the boxes from the trucks. As we label them thus we make the process extremely swift. Along with unloading, we offer to redecorate with additional charges. house shifting If you take our redecorating package, you will get an interior designer who will listen up your requirements and desires and will design the decoration accordingly. In short, the decoration will have your taste and expert brains.

Tips right form our experts before you start shifting

The shifting process can be less hectic if you follow simple tips and trick properly. Let's see what our experts have to say regarding your house shifting

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