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Best Office Shifting Services in Dhaka bangladesh

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Best Office Shifting Services in Dhaka bangladesh

Best Office Shifting Services in Dhaka Bangladesh, Dhaka Movers has brought about a revolutionary escape for all of you there who are planning to shift or relocate your respective work place. Thing is that we know how much terrifying the word MOOVING or SHIFTING can appear to any of you. But moving is never so tough with a well-organized moving company that can assist you to minimize the terror.

Well, the main key to a successful shifting lies in effective planning and organized steps according the
planning. When it comes to office relocation, things are bit complicated as your office shifting services may
include IT or electronic device shifting or even delicate shifting. In such situation you cannot rely only on
yourself and your employees to do the whole thing. Trust me it will turn into a hazard for you. For office
relocation or I shall emphasize that for a safe office shifting services relocation professional guidance is a must. Thus we are here to provide you all the necessary services for a safe relocation within the minimal cost.


Our Office shifting Services: Invest on us rather damaging your belongings

Most of the people are afraid of investing money and have the misconception that packers and movers
may charge a lot. But fortunately this is merely a misconception. Yes we charge in the possible minimal
range as our concern is to serve you the best more than money making. Packers and movers are more or
less your helping hands thus they may not appear highly expensive. But for your comfort and safety you
can spare some expenses, right?

We organize the whole process into three terms. Now, let's put glance over the services we provide
regarding office shifting services:

1 . Pre- Moving Services
We emphasize on this section the most as it is extremely vital. All the hectic tasks along with packing
and labeling are performed under this section. Our removing team is highly trained to handle all the
hassle. The success of a safe relocation relies on this section.office shifting services

  • Packing: The most crucial part of the whole process is packing and this is actually the reason we
    are hired for; SAFE PACKING. Our team is efficient enough to pack all your things in an organized
    way. We use necessary packing boxes for different things. From furniture's to your electronic
    devices, we have specialized packing boxes for everything. So we pack everything well to
    prevent damage through the following process.office shifting services
  • Labelling: This process is followed by packing and helps to unload and redecorate the things. We
    label the boxes to identify it easily later on.
  • Plan for staff moving: We make a plan for staff moving so that the pressure remains low on
    the moving day. Thus we make a list of staffs who should be working where during the whole
  • Managing the cables of telephone and computer: Relocation most of the times comes with
    belated connection of telephone and computer settings. But we take initiative from the very
    beginning so that the telephone or computer cables get set right on the day of moving.
  • Booking vehicles: As per the furniture and belongings, we book vehicles and ensure that
    they are on schedule on the moving day.office shifting services
  • Check and recheck: Before moving we check and recheck the whole surface so that nothing
    is left behind.


2. Moving Day Services

Moving day can be handled well if the pre move are preparations are done well. The success rate
basically depends on the pre move preparations but moving day is probably the most hectic day as it
includes travelling.

  • Loading: Moving day includes loading. We load the packed things on the vehicles to finally
    depart. The whole loading process is supervised by our expert employee so that none of the
    things get damaged during the process.office shifting services
  • Usage of equipment: If you are located into any places where the vehicles can reach, we have
    special equipment to transfer the goods without creating any damage. Again some of the
    packets may need to lift up. And if manual lifting is not possible, we have equipment to lift up
    and set them on the vans. This equipment are basically needed for delicate or electrical

3 . Post Moving Services
Our post  moving service has much to offer you. We can even redecorate the whole office if the client
demands. This section is basically dominated by the clients. As per their demand we organize this
section.office shifting services

  • Unloading: This is a basic service. We unload the goods from the vehicles with utter delicacy to
    not to hamper any of your belongings. We use advanced equipment to get your goods off
    without any damage.
  • Unpacking: Once the unloading task is done, we start doing unpacking the furniture. Our team
    gets divided for this task. A section of the team unpacks the furniture, another section takes
    care of the devices and delicate goods, another section works on unpacking the decorative
    goods and another to unpack the phone and computer cables. This way we remain utterly
    organized.office shifting services
  • Redecorating: This section is offered as per customer demand and may charge you extra. If the
    customer demands, we get our own interior designer to design the whole office obviously
    according to the opinion of the customer. We redecorate the whole mess lessening your hassle.
    Our supervisor gets the directions and preference of clients and as per their preference the
    designer may design the decoration plan. But we work on the plan only after customer
    confirmation.office shifting services
  • Installation of telephone and computer cables: Unlike many other companies, we do not leave
    our duty unfulfilled. Thus we end up setting the computer and installing the telephones as well.
    We have our own technician who works and sets up these devices.
  • Wrap up
    It is better not to act like the jack of all trades and let the baker to run the bakery, right? Thus you must
    leave you relocation task upon us and save your time. We will handle the stress and hassle. All you have
    to do is give us the guidance of your demands and preference and we will serve you accordingly.
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