House Shifting

House Shifting Service

These days, nobody bears the hassle of house shifting on their own, and the reason is known to us all; it is hectic. But what actually can reduce the hassle for you? Yes, a professional packers and movers company.

Dhaka Movers offers its customers with best services; it simply outshines the customers with its customizable options. We don’t design our service as per our convenience; rather, we design it for you, just the way customers want.

Especially when it comes to residential moving, no doubt the whole process is emotionally draining. Leaving the house, the neighborhood, and adjusting to a new place is troublesome, and the shifting hassles just add extra pressure to it.

To your ultimate rescue, we suggest you take up our best services- world-class packing supplies, declutter service, moving, transportation, customized options, redecoration, and many more.


Our Services

We have launched so far two types of services- customers can choose any of these, or can simply mix as per their convenience or even can demand their personalized services. Take a look:

  • Basic Services
  • Home Inspection
  • Packing
  • Full House Packing
  • Transportation
  • Load & Unload

Basic Services

Our basic services include all the fundamentals for a perfect house shifting. Our expert team has been performing all these for so many years that they have become pro and regardless of any condition and place, they can provide you the best service.

Home Inspection

First and foremost, our team goes for a proper home inspection to estimate everything. We inspect both the properties to estimate- this ultimately lets us decide the packing materials, the loading-unloading process, needed manpower, cost, transportation, and everything.

We never take a chance and just do things on conjecture; instead, we prefer proper inspection, case study, and then the final outcome. The whole process is extremely organized; thus, there is nothing left for you to worry about.


When it comes to packing, we have variety on the table. Every household features different sets of furniture, appliances and needs a different type of packing. As in bachelors won’t need any intensive packing policy whereas any family would need advanced packing.

Considering everyone’s needs, we have designed our package accordingly.

Full House Packing

If you are willing to take over the packing task by yourself, we still are there for you. Packing itself is annoying, but the most difficult part of packing is getting your hands on the appropriate packing materials. We do this difficult part for you, which means we would supply the packing materials to the customers and hence they can pack their stuff as per their convenience.

Often trusting others with household goods seems to be difficult. So now, you can do the packing all by yourself with our world-class packing materials.

Specific Packing

If you don’t want to pack the whole house, you simply opt for specific packing such as furniture packing, electronic device packing, kitchen appliance packing, or any specific room packing. Sometimes, customers may need specific packing helps, and we are always there for any needs. Our team has expert members for specific area packing.

We have people for delicate kitchen appliance packing or fragile showpiece packing; thus, order as per your need.

Fragile Goods Packing

Though the overall packing process is hectic, the most hectic and risky part of packing is the fragile items. If you are no trained enough, there are chances you will end up damaging any of the fragile items during the shifting process.

While packing the special items, good packing materials and trained manpower are the most important things. Without the appropriate packing materials, you may pack well, but it won’t be effective for long and will result in damaged goods. The same goes for unskilled packers, and they tend to damage valuable goods even during packing.


Transportation is one of the most important aspects of shifting, and we offer the best service. We have skilled drivers who are trained specially to carry cargo. Even our vehicles go through regular fitness checkups.

As per the clients’ demand, we even provide air and marine routes if needed. Thus no matter wherever you want to shift or whatever you want to carry, our prompt transportation service will serve you the best.

Load & Unload

Load and unload service is included in our basic service program. There are tons of incidents where the items have been damaged while loading and unloading. Don’t worry, and we won’t let this happen to you. We have trained our staffs to load and unload the goods and also have the proper equipment to load and unload any type of stuff.

Additional Services

Apart from the basic options, we have also launched some additional, or we should say premium, services. Those who always want something extra must opt for these services. And also, these services are to make the shifting a bit easier.

Disassemble the Furniture

Most of our wooden furniture comes in parts; disassembling them demands extra hands and, most importantly, skilled hands. If you don’t even know how to disassemble the furniture and opt for trying to do so, you can imagine the rest. Yes, you will end up damaging them.

We have proper knowledge regarding different types of furniture thus we can easily disassemble them without any risk.


After shifting to a new home, the main concern is to redecorate the whole house. We have our own employed architect and interior decorator who will decorate the house for you according to your recommendation.

Proper Consultancy

Throughout the process, if you want, we provide you a proper consultancy regarding everything. If you do not have proper knowledge regarding the process, our expert team will let you know about the facts and numbers for a better understanding. We also provide consultancy for property, and you can always ask for suggestions regarding house rents, buying, and selling (if you are new to the city, this will help you lots).